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Head to Zürich for dining and hiking

In the northern parts of the small rich country of Switzerland lies the charming city of Zurich. Such a pleasant and beautiful city that can be visited during both for a weekend as well as for a couple of weeks to combine city life with hiking in the Swiss Alps. In the southern parts of the city lies the beautiful Lake Zurich – Zurich See – which invites you to hang out for a full long lovely summer day.

In the city’s central parts beautiful churches boast, take a law and make sure to see the Grossmünsterkirche (with two towers), the sister church of Fraumünster and Kirche St. Peter. The Grossmünsterkyrkan has been there for more than 800 years and the two towers are a good benchmark when you walk around the city.

With the Polybahn funicular up the mountain from the old town you reach the top of the city and can soak up all the beautiful views of the city with the Alps all around.

There is something as funny as a women’s bath in Zurich, one of which is the Frauenbad Stadthausquai which offers river baths and sun loungers with parasols.

Head to Zürich for dining and hiking

In Switzerland you do not really have to have a car, the train network is very well developed all over the country and well connected to neighboring countries. Getting from the airport outside of Zurich into the city center is the most convenient option for transportation. Trains go extremely punctual and they are clean and comfortable. In the city center you go on either commuter train or trams.


German cuisine is the main cuisine offered, being so close to southern Germany, many German eateries are offered. But there are of course a lot of international restaurants as well. The draft beer that is served is a light layer reminiscent of German beer. All is just a little bit more expensive than in the neighboring country!

Popular German restaurants



Just outside of Zürich, a 30 minutes ride from the town, you find Planet Trail. It will probably take about 2-hour to hike on this elevated trail, but it is suitable for the whole family. Also see this great map.

If you want to get more real, head to the small neighbor Liechtenstein and stay the night.


Good to know:

If you have a few hours to kill between flights then there are spacious cabinets at the train station in Zurich airport for baggage relief so you can spend the time in Zurich city.

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