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Fabulous Bouillabaisse at KaDeWe in Berlin

Here is a great food recommendation for the one crawing seafood in a juicy sauce with baguette and beer or wine. Try the fabulous Bouillabaisse at KaDeWe in Berlin when in Germany. You’ll find this venue alongside with other restaurants with servings along the barside or on tables for upto 4 persons.

KaDeWe is a departmentstore packed with food and dining places on a whole floor, they are known for quality and tradition which is why so many locals as well as tousists visit the venue on Fridays and Saurdays. It might be hard to get a table around the lunch hours but close to closing time, around 19:00 until 20:00, it is a perfect spot for some snacks or an early meal!

KaDeWe is a good place for high en shopping as well, so make sure to have time to spend at this store when in Berlin.

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  1. […] is an experience, you can go here for all occasions and to try various meals. Here they serve a fabulouse bouillabaisse, great sushi, Italian pasta the way it should be, lots of oysters and German specialities such as […]

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