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Touristic Krabi Thailand

Krabi in Thailand is very touristic but yet a nice place for suntanning and good living to low costs. Visit Ao Nang on the coast for good restaurants and day activities, for example take a Longtail Boat over to Railay beach where you also can get busy rock climbing and hiking.

In Ao Nang you will bump into lots of tourists, mostly scandinavians. If you take the three hour boat trip to the island Koh Lanta you will basically only meet thais and swedes. Koh Lanta is like a second home to swedes, there are Swedish schools here and at the restaurants you can be served Swedish meatballs (although they might not be exactly like in the Nordics). On the other hand Koh Lanta has some historic places you should see, like Old Town and the National Park in the south part of the island.

These parts of Thailand are very safe and the habitants are friendly to visitors.



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