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Enjoying the delights of Madrid

I have been traveling to the capital of Spain a couple of times in the last year, and the city still has lots to offer. Everytime here is a moment to enjoy the delights of Madrid.

The best dining places in Madrid

La Bicicleta Cafe in the neighbourhood of Chueca is a popular joint among visitors since they offer work space including wifi. Beside this they provide with tasty coffee and delightful sandwiches. Address: Plaza de San Ildefonso 9

Plantate Cafe in the neighbourhood Huertas, not too far from the main streets, truly offers the best handcrafted coffee in the city. Accompanied with tasty samdwiches, you’ll have a calm and refreshing moment. Address: Calle del Meson de Paredes 28

Bar Tomate in the trendy area of the city; Salamanca is a neat tapas joint. They differ from the traditional tapas places with innovated dishes. Perfect for a fun evening. Address: Calle Fernando el Santo 26

On Plaza de Santa Ana, along the main tourist streets, you’ll find lots of tapas bars with outdoor seating. Lots of people ends up here in the evening to enjoy the night. Live Jazz music is occationally played at Central Cafe, get in there in time if you are a music fan!

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