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Find a stay in Stockholm on Airbnb

Getting ready to travel to the Capital of Scandinavia and looking for a place to stay? Here is some good information for you if using Airbnb.

It is good to know that the regulations regarding subletting apartments vary from building to building due to different organisations. Since in Sweden you can either own your apartment but then join a organisation maintaining the building or rent a place from a building owner, the different owners and organisations can deny the posibility to sublet in any form, especially on short term through services like Airbnb.

Therefore there has not yet been a huge amount of places added on Airbnb and many hosts are careful when it comes to showing their real addresses incase the landlord or other part notices that the place is added on Airbnb because this could lead to having to deny stays and stop using the service.

However, the rules in Sweden are not (yet) as hard as the ones in Berlin, Germany or New York, USA where Government has taken a serious action on the business of subletting homes on Airbnb. The Union of the hospitality industry of Sweden has even said that the hotels are still doing good business and it might be that these services are something positive in luring other types of visitors/tourists to come and visit Scandinavia.

Let’s hope there will not be any issues in the future for the Swedish market since this destination is not that heavy in tourism and hold a large amount of inhabitants of fellow travelers!

I suggest you book a stay through Airbnb and Go For It, Sweden is awesome and the Capital of Scandinavia; Stockholm is a delight.

Some Airbnb stays in Stockholm you can book

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A luminous studio in Hornstull
A studio in Södermalm
A cosy apartment in Vasastan
Paris – one of Airbnbs’ most popular cities

French regulation have been adapted for the rentals through Airbnb for quite some time now, the hoteliers of France are eager to control the housing of their lovely country. Here’s an article worth reading if going to Paris: Hoteliers welcome Paris decision forcing Airbnb hosts to register rentals

The new ruling thus makes it harder for those renting out property to exceed the 120 days a year legal rental limit for a main residence, and makes it easier for authorities to track which properties are rented out, and also to collect local taxes.


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