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A night in Music City Nashville Tennessee

It is fun to spend a night in Music City Nashville Tennessee, enjoy live music and the people watching from local bars on all the visitors of this city. Nashvilles downtown is made for pedestrians so many streats are free from cars and traffic. This makes it perfect for strolling around. The bars are packed in the evenings and most of the venues have live music all evening, offcourse mostly Country music but yu can also hear some Rock music here and there. Make time for exploring the city by foot, visit a museum and have a nice dinner, read about my tips further down this post!

Map of the city:



Johnny Cash Museum

One of the greates musicians known in the Country world is Johnny Cash, origin from Tennessee and to which honor the city has made a musuem with lots of interesting items and facts.


Dining in Nashville

Merchants is placed in an old brick building with long history, the restaurant might be one of the best in Nashville. They server traditional American food such as Fish Taco, Hamburgers and a variaion of salads.

Address: 401 Broadway




Stay at Sheraton in the heart of the city

Close to bars and restaurants is a Sheraton hotel, they have a lovely bar and a pool table close to it. The rooms are fresh and as relaxation I recommend using the indoor pool which is open between 6am to 10pm.

Address: 623 Union S



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