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Travel Guide to Lisbon in Portugal

According to all the people I have talked to who have been to Lisbon, the feedback is only positive. The city is considered the last among western European capitals that are cheap and genuine. Home to globetrotters and bohemians in addition to Portuguese inhabitants. In this travel guide to Lisbon, you’ll find a few tips for you as a tourist to have knowledge of.

Travel Guide to Lisbon in Portugal

Lisbon has an older part and a newer part, this because a tsunami destroyed much of the city in the 19th century. The city’s buildings are spread over hills, so there are beautiful views of the city and sea from a number of places around the city. Lisbon has a little more than 500,000 inhabitants and these from all social classes, from poor to rich, but it is not something that is directly felt.

The Portuguese are nice and accommodating at all times.

The city has lots of hills, so be sure to wear comfy shoes!

If you would like to get a ride upwards and downwards, you can use Uber. The cheapest tariff refers to private individuals who drive their own car (such as in US). I have done many such trips and are pleased. No cash is needed either, which is a plus.


The district ALFAMA – the old town

Here it is cool, you walk up and down, in narrow alleys, over large squares. The houses are in older style and wonderfully colorful. The neighborhood is the oldest in Lisbon.

Have lunch / dinner / snacks at:

  • Ramiro, Av. Elm. Travel nº1 – H. Delicious seafood dishes.
  • São Jorge RestauranteCalçada do Marquês de Tancos 1. Good for home cooking at a Spartan outdoor dining area.


The BAIXA district – newer but charming

Also in Baixa there are slopes, cobblestones and beautiful houses that over-represent. Baixa’s totally destroyed knowledge earthquake in 1755 and rebuilt in neoclassical style laid in a strict grid patterned street network. There are all international shops for shopping.

Have lunch / dinner / snacks at:


The district BAIRRO ALTO – older with charm

Alto means height, so even in this neighborhood there are hills. Here especially the nightlife attracts, there are a lot of nice bars in the area.

Hang in the park Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara, it is a lookout where the beer garden is arranged in the summer with small dishes, beer and wines.

Have good wine at:

Have seafood dinner at: SeaMeRua do Loreto 21.



Market hall and food market for full day eating and drinking

Time Out Market is a food market with lots of restaurants and bars all offering dishes from around 10 euros up. It is full of commerce over lunch and dinner time, both residents and tourists looking here. The simple and local squid salad is served all day through the night when the place closes and is something everyone should try. In addition, there is the possibility of doing both beer testing and port wine testing.

There are only a few outdoor cafes, most of which stay indoors. Out in the sun, it can fit perfectly with an Italian espresso and Portugal’s most famous cake; Pastéis de Nata.



Grandiosa Praça do Comércio

This square next to the water is large and framed by beautiful buildings, arches and adorned with grand statue. Along the edges are packed outdoor cafes (with Happy Hour!).

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