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Weekend in Pisa – Italy

To spend a weekend in Pisa – Italy – during spring or summer can be magical, if you just see past all other tourists. The pastas and pizzas made in Italy are truly something else compared to many other places around the world, the Italians take pride in beeing master of the doughs as well as providing a strong espresso in small coffee cups. And, last but not least, the Gelato (ice cream) is divine, all year around!



The leaning tower of Pisa

The famous tower is not quite high but is still worth visiting and climping up all the stairs. From the roof you’ll have an excellent view of the town of Pisa.






Exploring the town of Pisa

You can easily spend a day walking around is Pisa, the town is made for walking. The river Arno passes through the city and can offer beautiful evenings during sunset.

The town only has around 88 000 habitants but there are quite a few restaurants worth a visit.

  • Piazza Chiara Gambacorti is a popular square gathering dinner guests to its many outdoor servings.
  • Numero 11 is one of few restaurant with a selection of vegetarian options. Address: Via S. Martino, 47
  • La Spigolatrice is a calssic pizza place. One of many offering tasty pizzas! Address: Via Cagliari, 25
  • Osteria I Santi is a nice restaurant close to the leaning tower serving pasta and meat or fish. Address: Via Santa Maria.


Hotels in Pisa

There are some hotels in Pisa to choose from, mostly three star hotels. There are not many four or five star hotels so depending on what you seek you should probably book your hotel room in good time before traveling.



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