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Dressed for Saturday evening in Barcelona

All set and dressed for Saturday evening in Barcelona with a Maxi dress from STOCKHLM, sweet ballerina shoes from Tommy Hilfiger accompanied by Michael Kors sunglasses and handbag. A longer dress is to recommend during this time of year, in the evenings during autumn the tempreature can be around just 12 degrees Celsius.

A favourite spot for dinner is FOC, a Mexican restaurant close to the beach La Barceloneta. For more fancy evening I would go to Boca Grande for dinner and then visit their bar on top of the restaurant; Boca Chica.

More recommendations on Barcelona can be found in the post Weekend in Barcelona.




Find a hotel in Barcelona

Along och close to the beach in the central parts of Barcelona there are some nice and decent hotels. But I like staying close to Placa de Catalunya where there are lots of movements and one is close to both shopping and dining places.


  • W Hotel, placed on the beach. Has a great bar with a view!
  • SM 54 Hotel placed close to the beach nearby many restaurants.
  • Pullman is placed close to the marina in the upper parts of the beach.

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