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The 10 Best Travel Experiences of 2016

It is incredible how fast a year passes when filling it with work and travels. Since I started blogging (in Swedish on I have increased the number of travels made during every year which led to me picking up this project in telling travel stories in English. The 10 Best Travel Experiences of 2016 are a range of destinations and venues across Europe since in 2016 I did not make a trip to many other continents. In the image above I am visiting a historical site in Belgium, and it is a quite common pose since I am always acting photograph on all travels.

The 10 Best Travel Experiences of 2016

1. Sithonia beaches in Chalkidiki, Greece

On the mailand and in the northern part of Greece, in the heart of Macedonia region, you’ll find Greeces second largest city Thessaloniki and the area of Chalkidiki with its hills and coastlines. In the south of the Chalkidiki area there are three peninsulas and tourism is big on two of them; Kassandra and Sithonia. Both Greeks and foreigners go here for a day at any of the many lovely beaches.

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2. Michelin dinner at L’Assiette Champenoise in France

L’Assiette Champenoise – translated to: the Champagne plate – is an adorable place with excellent service from the moment you step into the building until you step out. And the food, oh my! This restaurant with its chef xxx holds hree Michelin stars and it is not a surprise why when going through the tasting menu. Accompanied by the drinking menu which consists of local wine and mainly Champagne you truly get a sense of how food and wine collaborate.



3. Champagne tastings in Reims

Around the capital city of the French Champagne region there are plenty of wineries to visit and plenty of bubbles to try out. I went on a group tour of the cellars of Taittinger Champagne House which followed by a tasting of three different Taittinger Champagnes, a lovely finish of an interesting hour of history.


4. Impressive buildings in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

One of the most known hotels in Dubai is Atlantis, beautifully placed in the end of one of the Palm Islands, but mainly it is the journey here on the Monorail train from the mainland to the end of the Palm that is interesting.  The Hotel itself is controlled and does not invite visitors who have not made a room or restaurant reservation or has other arrends to the venues of the hotel. All you can explore is the sorrounding stores and restaurants which still are good for a visit and the hotel is truly a beautiful building.

One of the worlds most beautiful buildings must be the white mosque in Abu Dhabi; Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque. Visit before the sun sets, walk around outside an take a tour inside. Make sure stay until dawn to see the lightning outside, it is truly magical!

Another Must-See is the highest building in the world; Burj Khalif in Dubai Downtown. Book a visit on beforehand through their webpage and you’ll have an extraordinary hour going up and seeing the views of the city from 148th floor.



5. Fashion Shopping & Beach Life in Deauville / Trouville Sur Mer, France

The Nothern West coast of France; Normandie, is a true favourite where I travel each year for a week of vacation in June. I recommend stopping at the coastal cities od Deuville and Trouville-sur-Mer, two small towns that has grown together to offer the best beaches in closet range from Paris. Parisians have been coming here for many years thanks to proximity, it only takes two hours by train to reach these pearls by the Atlantic Ocean.

In Deauville you’ll find the main shopping with plenty of small boutiques of high-end brands. It is a fashionalbe town where people dress up for both beach and dinner, and people tend to spend time on people watching at the Bar du Soleil (the sun bar). In the neighbouring parts of Trouville the scene is a bit less posh and the sand of the beach is just as good as in Deauville.



6. Rooftop bars in Vienna

In the heart of Austrias capital city there are a few nice rooftop bars very suitable for a sparkling glas of Spritz while shopping or before dinner. Check out Sky at the Department Store Steffl along the main shopping street Kärntner Str. 19 during the day and Atmosphere at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel on Schubertring 5 during the evening.


7. Fun and relaxing days in Berlin

Berlin is one of the softest cities of Europe, the people are friendly eventhough far from all master English, the world worlds culinary experiences are gathered here and the club life is famous. Beside this there are plenty of sights to be seen with main focus of preserving the history from Second World War and the Cold War when a wall divided the city between West and East for (too) many years. But do not miss out on the lovely places such as the castle Charlottenburg Schloss and Dom Cathedral.

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8. Historical experience in Rome

You cannot go to Rome without running into history and fantastic buildings and archaeological sights. Combining this with lovely Italian food, in the right type of restaurants and not the ones robbing tourists, and red wine from all over the country is a delight. If you wich to combine shopping with dining I recommend visiting Eataly at Piazza della Repubblica.

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9. The city Las Palmas on Gran Canaria, Spain

The Canary Island are a known tourist destination but generally people travel to the south of the the large islands Gran Canaria and Tenerife, leaving the northern parts and larger cities to the natives. The capital city of Gran Canaria is Las Palmas (translated the palms) is a large city with lots of bars, shops and a long lovely city beach.


10. Christmas market in Munich, Germany

Hit Munich from the end of November for Holiday feeling thanks to the annual Christkindl Markt, people stay out all day and evening, sipping the warm Glühwein, eating a bratwurst in bread and shopping handcraft. The market geneally opens during the weekend of the fist Advent and runs all day through December, or at leats until Christmas.



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